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So, I finished some stuff.

I just got back from my Christmas Holidays, so instead of using a MacBook I'm back on my desktop so I am actually able to do some Web-Dev stuff and feel confident that it won't be entirely shit.

Over the past few days I've converted the non-css pages to the new Bootstr...Continue Reading

Is christmas the same as it used to be?

I asked myself this question yesterday when I woke up at 3 in the afternoon with no family around to celebrate with or say Merry Christmas to.  People were working, people were sleeping, people were busy - it wasn't the Christmas I had the year before, or any of the years before that - this was a new type of Christmas. This ...Continue Reading

So, what still needs done?

This website ("") works, but it's not entirely finished to the standard I would like. I have a few projects on here that are using either a basic css style sheet from when I decided bootstrap was the hell of all hells and two projects that use some old, ugly default bootstrap. 

...Continue Reading

Hello.. World?

Hello people of earth, or the internet, or wherever you are right now. I mean, you could be on the moon.. Maybe?

A few weeks ago I set my self a task of creating a blogging system that I liked, I had tried other systems such as WordPress, NibbleBlog and Blogspot, but never liked the lack of customisation I had and t...Continue Reading


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